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  • So, I was using an fps counter in mw3 as we all know that mw3 doesn't has an fps drawer. So I installed one of fps counter, when I liked it, I exited the game and closed the launcher, Next day it was giving errors to login then I realized that I was banned, I tried to make new accounts and login from that. But anything happened.
    I didn't knew that it bans the device. The ban extended to 14 days.
    Plutonium staff I am sorry please unban me I like this launcher so much ,it refreshes
    my childhood. I really didn't knew that. Because I was using one of the fps counters in other launchers,
    e.g.: Technomw3,orignal mw3 and one other launcher that has been taken down by now.
    I forgot that launcher's name.

    But please unban me I have to also make YouTube videos in my channel.
    This is my content that i upload on my channel.

    I really can't wait for 14 long days

  • mw3 does have a fps counter that we have implemented cg_drawfps 1

    but to note a third party fps draw should not have caused a ban unless you did something else as even Nvidias built in fps counter via GeForce experience or even riva tuner does not get you banned

  • Sorry I didn't knew it. Thanks I would never do that later
    And thanks for replying sir.

    The fps drawer name was Waller fps counter something like that, i downloaded it from any YouTube channel .

    Because it was free.

  • But sir can you unban me faster. I know it's a silly question but I have to make videos.

    My channel would be dead in 14 days. Its a long period my subscriber's will move on.

    My 3 years hard work will be lost.

    I have never taken this much longer break.

  • And the problem is that i thought it have only banned in mw3. So i switched account so that i can switch the content on my channel, but it also bans bo2.

  • @jdhruv77
    when you get banned they ban your whole account and also your ip, so making a new account will make the ban longer.

    you are not allow to evade bans, it's clearly stated in the rules.

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