[Feature] Aim Assist in campaign

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  • Now that t5 is in alpha, I tested it out, I went to campaign and like that aim assist is there.
    t5, t6 and iw5 have aim assist so maybe bring back the campaign option and aim assist with it.
    Don't have money, sorry.

    • Some1 Said this in the official plutonium discord server and some of the mods said they wasnt going to add this so i wouldnt expect for this to happen
  • @Monelenc pretty sure plutonium doesn’t support campaign. Mostly Zombies and Multiplayer only.

  • @WolflexZ It's not about supporting or giving constant updates. The only thing is adding aim assist in campaign and bringing back the campaign button. I like playing with a controller and there are many players who like to do so as well, bo1 and bo2 have controller support but no aim assist in campaign, mw3 doesn't have controller support and aim assist in campaign. I think it would be a great addition.

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