Confusion about portforwarding

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  • Ola all,
    I have a local developent server for Bo2 Zombies, which I am now trying to portforward to play with a friend.

    So far I have:

    • set up a local server using a server key, and was able to develop locally on it
    • added an ip + port (udp/tcp) to the portfoward ui of my router (H369A)
    • added a windows firewall rule to allow 4977 (udp/tcp, inbound/outbound)
    • restarted the server

    The server give a heartbeat like before, and can be joined locally. My friend is unable to connect however.

    I am slightly confused about the IP I need to use however. Do I need to portforward my public IP, or my PC's IPv4 address? (From my understanding a public IP is tied to the router, while the IPv4 from ipconfig belongs to your pc)

    If the IP is not the issue, how would I go about further troubleshooting this issue? Thank you for any help!

  • @Swat can you post a screenshot of your port forwarding settings?

  • @Dss0 Ofcourse!


  • @Swat that looks like your wan ip, the lan host needs to be the ip of your pc (prolly starts with 192.168).

  • Thanks for the further elaboration on Discord, sadly I am still unable to connect myself or friends to the server thru the IP, despite the server getting listed.

  • @Swat well it's only listed on the online serverlist, meaning the server itself is working correctly. It's not listed on the in-game serverlist meaning there is still an issue with udp traffic not getting through to your server.

    You made firewall rules and your port forwarding settings are now correct so i honestly don't know what else it could be.

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