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  • Hello,

    I'm ready to put 100€ to have a replacement/restriction system on IW5 that's easy to use for server owners, like the one we have on T6 since as of now you can only restrict items and they block the whole class.

    Replacing or removing the items we don't want instead of locking the whole class would be a very good qol addition.

    Having a cfg file, or dvars in the current server cfg where you can just replace any item (weapon, attachments, lethals, tacticals, perks, killstreaks, deathstreaks) with any other item.
    Simply removing attachments would be fine since I'm guessing it's annoying to handle every possible case.

    Some examples/use cases below

    • This would replace any lethal with a throwing knife
    replacement lethal_throwing_knife
    • This would remove any assault killstreak a player has and replace them with the specialist perks defined below.
      Being able to choose another perk in case the perk is already used on the class would be great.
    replace killstreak_assault
    • This would remove any support killstreak a player has and replace them with the assault killstreaks defined below
    replace killstreak_support
    • This would replace the juggernaut support killstreak with the EMP.
      It might be risky to change to a killstreak that doesn't have the same kills requirement since it might be already used so maybe limit it to same kills requirement killstreaks?
    replace killstreak_support_juggernaut
    • This would replace the 3 most annoying death perks ever created on Call of Duty with juiced
    replacement deathstreak_juiced
    • This would remove the grenade launcher attachment from any weapon
    restrict attachment_grenade_launcher
  • is the offer still standing?
    here a demo preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FltVvDDF5du5fv4t_BwX7HCiigAL43P5/view

  • @LastDemon99 Yes.
    Here you replace everything with an AK-47u but the point would be to only change restricted things.
    If a player has an M4A1 with thermal sight and a grenade launcher and the grenade launcher is restricted then give an M4A1 with a thermal sight only.

    The most important part (and complex part from what I tested in GSC imo) are the killstreaks

  • @Resxt The test video shows that you can keep your class by altering whatever you want, changing the primary, secondary, an accessory, grenade etc, you can check that I keep the camouflage of the class, and the killstreak of these, I just need to adapt the options to some dvar and configs.

  • The script does not modify the spawn weapon, it modifies the entire class, each part can be altered separately, if you want to block something it is simply removed or changed from the class, for this I get the player's class first and then modify what I want

  • @Resxt I was having trouble changing the streaks until I got it, I'll test if it gives any error :vtest.png

  • it is possible thru gsc, just mess around in _class.gsc at GiveLoadout() function. IF its possible to open and read files using .gsc (never tried to), i think you can make a .txt in the same way you described to read the specific restrictions and replace them to whatever u want in the GiveLoadout() function. i could give a shot during the weekend. i made something similar in my sniper lobby mod: when a player spawns with a class that the primary weapon is not a sniper then give him a sniper.

  • @raf exactly, I used that giveloadout() function, and for killstreaks you must use clearKillstreaks after using the aforementioned function

  • @raf I already did but since I'm very busy I want someone else to do it + I want a very complete system so there's more work than just replacing weapons, which is easy and I want it to be available for everyone/included in Plutonium which is why I made this request

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