Favorite Call of Duty entry?

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  • @homura BO2 Has so many good memories couldnt afford DLC at the time except die rise and nuketown zombies

    You can tell i primarily play zombies and i think its the last scary zombies game mode when you play alone

    WAW2 zombies was kinda scary when i played at night and was tired

  • Adding on to my last comment :R.I.P XBOX 360 Got stolen (the thief got arrested btw)

  • @homura I would say Black Ops 2, I had way more memories (since it was one of the first Xbox 360 games I played) with me and my cousins. We had like 8 copies of Black Ops 2 and with our few Xbox's in the house we would host our own esports tournaments in Grief and Multiplayer lol. I always loved the humor and emotional scenes put into Black Ops 2s campaign as well as there being a "choices matter" where on most games, its usually linear with very little choice which impacts only the last few moments of those games (im talking to you Telltale).

    Even though we could never afford the DLC and I didnt get to try out the DLC till later last week with a free PS3 my family got. It was still fun nonetheless (and a sort of fun intro on Zombies to me)
    One of the few lines I love from the series is Woods saying "Safetys on dipshit" at the beginning.

    I know I made this seem like an essay but if I had the chance to answer this question I would definitely give out my main childhood game.

    I played games like WaW before but I didn't really have much memories as much as I did for Bo2. Such a shame Bo3 fucked it up and Bo4 (that was supposed to make a connection between Bo2 and Bo3)

  • for me hands down has to be Call of Duty 3 released back in 2006 for the ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox 360

  • My fav Black Ops, the first & original one, epic game, started with it playing cod when it got launched

  • @Vlad9029
    I also love CoD 2! For its time it was amazing, if Infinity Ward could remaster the game and add more iconic WW2 guns, some maps and modernized Class customization and not screw anything over (that would make the game very bad), that would be RADICAL!

  • @luigistyle For AW search on YouTube S1X and For Ghosts serach IW6x

  • I'm a lifelong CoD player but MW2019 is my last. It's just not good anymore; the absence of the people who made it good, to begin with, isn't helping. That said, my favourite entries would always be the original WW2 ones from 2003. Call of Duty, United Offensive, CoD 2 and even CoD 3.

  • Black Ops 1

  • MW2 and BO2 are easily the best CoD's. I started out on MW but it was kinda buggy when I played it so it never got much traction with me; however, MW2 blew me away. The campaign was the best in the series and the multiplayer was extremely fun. Being able to lunge across map to knife someone, noob tube a mile away from someone and kill the whole enemy team, trick shotting? MW2 had it all. BO2 just didn't have any actual flaws. Sure there cheaters but the multiplayer was competitive and interesting, the zombie maps never failed to kill boredom, and the campaign was interesting enough to at least say it was good. The next CoD's on the list aren't compared to these 2 classics but WaW, BO3, and BO1 all have a place in my heart. The last couple CoD's have really let me down though. They don't try to mix it up anymore. Maps are terrible. Guns have hundreds of attachments. CoD is going down a rabbit whole that only a remaster of a classic can save. Also anyone else actual like AW? (had a lot of fun playing but we all know what loot boxes did to it)

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