Does Plutonium launcher capable of fully Offline mode?

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  • Greetings to the staff and players.

    Is there anyway to play BO2 and BO completely offline?
    I own a gaming center and around 16 of my pc's are offline there. I was wondering If I could launch Plutonium offline on those so people can play games via lan. If it's needed, I can connect my pcs for short brief of time so that I can make account on them but It would be better If I don't do that. and even, does lan support available for those game?
    any replies are appreciated.

  • To my knowledge the way of doing this is to start the game with an account and internet access and then once in-game you can disconnect from the internet

    There is no proper offline support on Plutonium although it's planned in the future (no ETA)

  • So accounts for first time launch required, no worries on that but will lan-connected pcs appear as in-game friends or I have to connect to each using \connect x.x.x.x after disconnecting pcs from internet?
    Also I'm so happy to hear that offline support is planned!

  • @Resxt I'll gladly hope they add it in the future. It is the only thing that Plutonium would lack because the rest has worked perfectly ๐Ÿ˜„

  • @SinaPakdel92 pm me on discord

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