What's the point of playing this if it runs so horribly

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  • Black ops 1 already didn't run that well in the first place, doesn't support high refresh rates. You add in custom servers with plutonium and it just makes the already bad performance even worse. I've tried custom configs and it still just runs like garbage, you can choose 144hz+ in the graphics options but it doesn't feel smooth at all. Is there anything that can be done to fix this or is the game just that poorly optimized?

    The site says "BO1, redefined." but it runs way worse than the few populated stock servers that were already out there.

  • @lukas-A Runs great on my machine. Pluto is probably not utilizing your pc as efficiently. Try reading this guide to help https://plutonium.pw/docs/low-fps

    You can also turn off sync every frame and play in windowed fullscreen

  • @Pistakilla I already looked for fixes and completed your whole guide, I wouldn't have posted before trying some things to fix it. I don't have issues with the smoothness in iw4x mw2 and plutonium black ops 2. It's obvious that its a game issue. Whether or not you feel the poor performance is a matter of opinion I guess if you don't know what to look for. But the microstuttering and lack of smoothness is definitely there, just scour your forums and you find multiple people with high end machines that notice it, high end Ryzen and Intel as well. The fact that you're denying the issue and are a member of staff really doesn't give me high hopes for this

  • Acting like an entitled guy isn't useful and just makes you look like an asshole.
    If you want actual answers you won't get them acting like that.

    He's not denying anything. He said, in simple english, that it runs fine for him, which is true for me and other people I've talked to too. We're deeply sorry that a free mod that you don't pay or contribute to in any way isn't at AAA standards just a week after release.

    On a serious note this is a mod, not a product you buy. We have bugs and issues and our devs are doing their best, on their free time, for free, to fix and improve everything.

    If we had a lot of similar reports this would be top priority but I personally didn't see anyone complaining about the performance, I only saw people saying it was smoother than Steam so idk man.

    Anyways.. "what's the point" well you didn't pay anything for it you're free to leave.
    We really don't need entitled people like you around here.

  • @Resxt_ I was never not thankful for the mod, or the time you guys put into this, I was just stating that it's mostly server related and the base game with the few servers out there run much better than anything being loaded through the plutonium client. I'm not sure where people are saying it runs good? I quickly looked around in the forums and already found multiple posts of peoples games stuttering 😞 It's as simple as it just doesn't run very good to begin with and its worse now. I included links of people having issues.




  • @Resxt
    I'm not the OP, but...

    I've seen multiple people complaining about stuttering on discord (just do a search, basically every hour theres a few people asking about it), in almost every server I join there's someone asking about the stuttering, a pretty popular brazilian youtuber also was complaining about it on his latest video, and I've had 8 friends trying BO1 Pluto and they all had stuttering problems as well, with mid to high end PCs (anywhere from 3600X + 1660 to 5800X3D and 3070s), on the forums there's people complaining about it too, etc..

    I'm aware that it's a work in progress, it's a mod you guys work for on your free time, and I was obviously expecting some issues on the release, but it's almost unplayble. I'm reporting it because I love this project and I want to see it get better, and maybe help it somehow

  • @lukas-A might be laggy for you, but I haven't experienced a lag issue. RX 570 and i5 10400f

  • @lukas-A I had a lot of issues with stuttering and fps drops no matter the in game settings. The only thing that worked was typing "com_maxfps 144" in the console and now it runs smooth

  • the only thing that helped but with a trade-off was gsync + fast sync and 142 fps cap, makes the game much smoother but the trade off will be the known screen brightness flickering (more common with "gsync compatible" displays, i think the real gsync doesn't have this problem) and trust me you will prefer the stuttery mess, at least it will not literally fry your eyes

  • 0 Issues with FreeSync / Adaptive Sync here. (Also no performance issues)

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  • @lolfix101 the constant stuttering for days on end now are not due to user error. your spread of misinformation is just going to further delay the fixing of this issue.

  • @lukas-A I don't know what you're doing but I'm able to get 144fps just fine. The game does have a hard cap of 85fps but you can change that with the command com_maxFPS, and whatever fps you want. Same thing goes for WaW, it doesn't let you have a framerate of 144 by default so you have to change it with commands. The fullscreen option can be a bit confusing, setting it to "off" doesn't mean it'll be windowed, it just means that it's a borderless window, so you can't drag the window around anywhere and have to fit it to your screens resolution to look good.

    Other than that, the game runs just fine for me, the biggest issues I have is with ping but that's just because of where I live and what servers I'm connecting to. I used to have stuttering when opening multiplayer, and was seemingly unable to open the Zombies side for a couple days, but once I was able to actually open Zombies without enabling LAN mode, somehow the stuttering seemed to fix itself. I'm unsure if I did something or if the devs fixed it, but I haven't really had issues since.

  • @Real_RUBB3R I can get 400+ fps if I want. I’ve tried capping the framerate at multiple different values using the command 60-250, I also know how borderless window and full screen works in black ops, I can run it through a config. Doesn’t change that the smoothness just isn’t there, the game runs bad and some people just don’t notice it for some reason, even the staff which is kind of weird. you can search the keyword stutter on their discord and find hundreds of posts in the last few days yet it’s “not an issue”. I’ve played competitive cod and csgo extensively so I know when a game feels fucked up

  • @lolfix101 is that supposed to be some kind of joke? I play iw4x and bo2 without any issues of the sort, you didn’t even read my post

  • @lolfix101 said in What's the point of playing this if it runs so horribly:

    isp issue, bad dns is possible. runs without problem on my machine/network.

    this is a user error.
    Impossible to troubleshoot without access to your machine and no one will waste their time for free.
    if you dont see any point of playing, no one is forcing you to play.

    That's definitely not a thing, DNS just resolves the website names. My ISP is decent and I have no problem at all connecting to any other servers, no loss or anything, even routing to other continents is pretty decent, and I get <20ms to local servers (~10ms but ping ingame is always higher on BO1). I have no problems on BO2 as well.

    There's this same hosting company hosting 3 different BO1 servers: Nuketown 18 players is extremely laggy, while the other server with just 6~8 people playing feels perfectly fine.
    Just hop on a server with less than 10~12 players and keep playing until it gets full, you'll notice the stutterings are there and people start teleporting after more people join. It makes me think their server machine is fine and the connection to the server is also fine, and the stuttering problem is related to the game

    And yes I've tried different packedup numbers, rate is maxed out, same for cl maxpackets and snaps (if it even makes a difference)

  • I'm finished with this game also. Thanks for the efforts, it's much appreciated but it's honestly sullying my good memories of what was my fav shooter ever.

    I'm glad many users are having good performance, but the fact is a decent percentage of the player base is finding it unplayable.

    It's disappointing that you aren't taking these performance reports seriously as I'd honestly play the game all the time if it played well, but alas.

  • @sr_71_in_the_air we didn't say what you are saying is false or won't be looked into. We're just saying it runs fine for a lot of people including the staff.

    You probably don't realize how much devs we have and how much work this requires. Performance issues will most likely be looked into more in the future

    And by the way the Steam is poorly optimized and has performance issues even tho it costs 40$ while this is free and updated regularly

  • @Resxt Hey thanks for the reply.

    It's great you guys will be looking into performance. I read this and assumed it might be ignored:

    If we had lots of similar reports then this would be top priority but I personally didn't see anyone complaining about the performance, I only saw people saying it was smoother than Steam so idk man.

    You can see how this might be interpreted as flippantly waving off these reports.

    The fact that you guys have repurposed the game to work for the majority is a massive achievement and the fact that it's done voluntarily is a huge compliment to you all (I'm a dev myself and I can scarcely touch a line of code outside of work).

    I like others here in the community just really want this to succeed. Black Ops 1 changed gaming for me forever.

    A suggestion might be that you could compile a performance survey which can be filled out only after we've followed your suggested optimisations referenced earlier in the thread.
    It may be the case as you mentioned that the steam port is just scuffed and it may be that that's causing the lions share of the issues.

    But perhaps there are other best fit optimisations that could be applied to make the game better for another swathe of users.

    Thanks again. Appreciate all the hard work.

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