21:9/Ultrawide aspect ratio support

  • Feature: support native 21:9 aspect ratio

    Description: currently you can choose to have the game display 21:9 but it stretches it out rather than scaling it properly

    Motivation: When I played mw3 before with my 16:9 monitor it was great but now I will not be playing until (or if) 21:9 support is added. I'm guessing most people in the community do not have an ultrawide monitor or play on multiple monitors for that matter but I think it is an important feature that should be implemented.

    There are already tools like Flawless Widescreen and Widescreen Fixer that fix this issue in the steam version of MW3 however they are external and I believe involve injections. Therefore the only way to get around it is for the devs to add support.

    Thank you!

  • Project Admin

    I am getting a 21:9 ultrawide monitor in 1/2 months, when I have it I can take a look at it :D