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  • hello , when i launch the plutonium launcher its says that there is dll files that are needed thier name is : MSVCP140.DLL and CVRUNTIME140.DLL , i tried to install the dll files and putting them in the plutonium folder but its still the same it dosent launch , if anyone could help to resolve this problem i will really apricate it , thank you.

  • @zadveck don't download dlls from the internet that's not how it works and it's bad

    Errors related to D3DCOMPILER_43.dll, XINPUT1_3.dll, D3DX9_37.dll, MSVCP140.dll or VCRUNTIME140.dll are caused by missing redistributable on your system.
    To fix this a member of the staff created a script that will download and install all the redistributable (redist) required to get Plutonium running.
    Download and open the script from the link below and let it finish to download and install every redist (Direct X, Visual C++ etc.)
    Then once it says it's finished you can close it and start your game.

    The speed varies depending on your download speed and on your PC specs.
    The script is safe so if you get a message from Windows click on "More info" and "Run anyway". You can always right click on it and click edit to see what's inside.

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