got banned instantly

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  • I launch the game for the first time to play with my friends when I try to launch the game a message appears and tells me that I was banned for 267 days I would like to be unbanned because I have nothing thank you for your help

  • @sandal_juif dont inject next time

  • this is my first connection to plutonium I have just installed it and created the account

  • @sandal_juif If you're banned for 267 days, that means you tried to bypass the ban many times by creating new accounts

  • @sandal_juif Mate this isn't their first time dealing with people trying to avoid their ban and your excuse been used over 100 times from other people that want to get unban. Accept the ban and learn from it.

  • well my little guy I don't want to debate but if a lot of people complain about this it would be necessary to settle this problem because I really launched for the first time plutonium I told my friend that I wanted to buy a black ops he told me no need to go to plutonium I told him what it is he explained to me and helped me to install it was rather a hassle we took a long time especially to install the game I created a fucking account I log in to start the game an error message is displayed saying that I am banned I do not know what is plutonium in cardboard my it is necessary to settle its bug I could not even play with my friends he told me to make a ticket on the forum I said ok I explain my problem and I am treated as if it had been 15 years that I know plutonium a really very warm welcome thank you plutonium it's great.

  • Im the guy who tell him to download, and I agree, he just download plutonium and get instant ban, so I old him to create a toppic here cuz i dont rly know how tf he could be ban without knowing what's this, so if u dont want trust him, trust me, cuz I was here when this happened.
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  • @KeySmash Only plutonium staff knows what you did since they have access to logs. We're just giving you ways why you were banned. As your 1st ban would be changing memory, injecting, cheating, etc. As provided in the link, your friend probably did one of those and most likely is lying. Creating alts extends your ban as your friend never learned his lesson. Also please note "Plutonium don't do unbans." So your ban appeal is useless whatever you do.ban (1).gif

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