Black ops 4?

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  • Is there any chance of making a bo4 mod? Ok in all seriousness black ops 4 on PC is dead.. I own bo4 b4 u say anything abt getting it for free so devs we need a revival.. It doesn't have custom servers and their servers are dead.. If I'm lucky I'll get one lobby after at least 2 hours... Even the shop is bugged for 1 year or so... As you can see Activision doesn't give a shit abt this game... So we need a mod for bo4..

  • @HexxyChan No. We won't do a bo4 client for 2 reasons:

    1. It's still technically supported by ATVI, making a client would mean the end of Plutonium due to C&D lawsuits and what not.
    2. We would require a lot of time and effort to get make a client for bo4. This is a passion project, not a full-time job. It would take a lot of work for us even to start considering making it as we are doing this in out free time.
  • A mod will not revive a game 100%, it has no players because it's a bad and long forgotten game

  • @HexxyChan no. Pistakilla and Resxt have already stated the reasons, and what I can only do is add some more.
    The game is nearly impossible to crack due to the's protection (not even the Russians have managed to crack it). Only possibility to crack the game is to make an emulator for it (since every protected game requires online authorization and internet connection).
    The only way I see BO4 getting cracked is by doing months of reverse-engineering and creating an emulator, but that's probably not going to happen any time soon, due to shitton of trials and errors crackers are going to get into. Treyarch and Activision still get shit loads of money, and the game is still supported. Maybe in the far future, but maybe.
    For now, the answer still remains no.

  • @HexxyChan Bo3 and up is still supported by Activision. Even if they don't release any new content, or updates, etc. It's still supported and actively making them profit. Which Activision cares the most about. Remember, they are a business first and tend to gamers second. They know all about the issues with their old Ips, but it doesn't stop the flow of income from those games, which is important to them.

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