In-built mods installer

  • Feature: Menu in the launcher or in the game itself for installing mods
    Description: There should be a menu section for mods. Sounds obvious, but I want to explain a new way to activate them that is different from the CoD games up to Black Ops 1. So, it would be great to install mods via a special protocol like it's done in Steam ("steam://install/92"); getting them from the forum files storage that stores the approved and safe mods uploaded by users. It would be great to see mod info and whether it is client-side or not, so server-side mods won't be activated while playing on other servers; and having an ability of activating/deactivating downloaded mods without digging in folders. Once mod gets updated, the game laucher updates it too keeping it up-to-date; or if it's content conflicts with other mods - reports about it.
    Motivation: I know it sounds like a very huge task to do (and it is so), but noone keeps me from dreaming. So, the motivation is because it would be much more organized and convenient for players.

    I know that NMM isn't a perfect thing and doesn't look that nice, but it's widely known how easy is it to use it.
    alt text

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    I like this idea, we'll discuss it in the future :)

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    You probably could just use nexus mods and their mod manager.

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