BO2's and BO1's lan servers won't work, only WaW's

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  • As the title implies, when I try hosting/ joining a lan server in T4 and T5, it won't work. It does with T4. I tried it from different computers and even countries (literally). It seems something broke inside Plutonium some months ago.

    Let me specify: when using LAN mode (cause sometimes Plutonium Online (green Play) won't work) in T4, I just have to start a cooperative > private party > /min zombies players or whatever X > /xpartygo and the game will start and everyone will join me by just typing /connect (ipv4). I can also join anyone by using that, with the same or different network and with radmin VPN. In T5 and T6 it won't work anymore. Even the min player command doesn't work anymore. What happened, developers? What broke inside the launcher? I tried it all extensively, so it can't be something outside Plutonium.

    If only I had access to older versions of the Plutonium launchers/ BO2 versions I could maybe test when the LAN mode got problematic, if the autoupdate doesn't interfere or something

    Btw, let me squeeze this little question here, why is downloading/ creating a free version of MW, T4, T5 and T6 not considered piracy but T7 it is? I know the legal problem with divinium and other stuff, but that can be taken out from the game and you can create a free of that T7. But you consider that piracy, right? So Plutonium only edits some little stuff for the games to run more smoothly and for them to have more tools but plainly erasing problematic things is not acceptable? Just wondering

  • connecting to server by ip in pluto t5 never worked as the way t5 handles connections and what not is different from t4.

    when it comes to t6 the reason why you can't connect by ip to a player's private match anymore is because of more emulation to allow the ability for people to join the pre-game lobbies.

    Depending on how you get the game is piracy no matter what you downloading a game you can still pay for is the definition of piracy. Yes you can download the game for free in our tutorial, but you can only use the game files with plutonium and you can run the game files without our launcher.

    Reason we don't want to do a t7 client is because we feel like t7 has everything we would add to a client. It has mod support, mod downloading, you can download the mod tools and make your own custom maps and what not and you can even host your own dedicated server. People will bitch and say that well xyz is unplayable that is not our issue, and we are not going to be pressured into making a client for a game we feel like does not need it.

    There also has been a lot of work done to what we support not just "some little stuff". We all do this as a hobby project, and everyone associated with it does this in our free time.

  • BO3 has pretty much everything already.

    If they worked on it it wouldn't be as complete as the Steam version (lack of workshop first of all) and people would just rightfully complain that it's a light version of BO3. Why work months on a game to add nothing and get bad critics just so that people can play a game for free which isn't this project's goal?

    There are things to improve and issues still existing in the 4 games supported by Plutonium and I'd rather have a smooth MW3 and finally see modded guns/maps or whatever in BO2 some day rather than having a half working version of BO3 (or even fully working) that adds pretty much nothing. I own the game on Steam and I never saw a reason for a client to exist for it. If you talk about security people are already creating patches and stuff for the Steam version. No need to create a whole client for months just for that

  • @NatsiMorghila Reverse engineering and emulating DemonWare is no easy task. Very time consuming, and the simple minded always think it's simply a copy and paste project... Appreciate what plutonium has given us already then, to expect more from them.

  • @FragsAreUs I see, excellent reply. There are some T5 versions that work only on lan outside Plutonium, they are a solution, although space consuming. I hope one day they are all fully functional, tho.

    I know it's time consuming, but well, me and my friends are just so grateful, bit it's normal human nature focusing on the negativity and downplaying the positivity

    As for T7, Activision is not a good company, so they don't deserve us fans. Not paying for their broken half dead games is not bad, don't forget they've lied many times to us before and dedicated too little effort to help us many times. Anyways, maybe your opinion is different, but once everyone is pirating and using non official games, maybe then they'll do things good again

  • @RedxSkull Yeah, now that you mention it, Activision and Rockstar are very worried about their game code being revealed. People should focus more on fan made unofficial games than reviving old ones, maybe

  • @Resxt Well, it might be my opinion, but current Activision doesn't deserve us paying for their games. Pirating series/ games should not be seen as bad per se since many times the companies are not righteous and they should be given a lesson.

    Nowadays T7 is very broken, even LAN needs the online mode and hackers can send you errors by just logging on (your IP is public, basically, due to the new mod menus). NoSteam has been trying to make T7 completely functional, but, as you say, it's a very hard job

    I've seen many people insulting and downplaying your work, and it makes me so furious. You are awesome, keep on the good job. Thanks to Plutonium I am bonding more with old and distant friends and a very depressed friend of mine is very happy playing these games

    But yeah, you mustn't consume yourself for others if you don't feel like it, maybe going to another fan proyect is healthier for you. Whatever you do, focus on the fans that deserve attention and I hope you are happy, salutations

  • @Resxt BTW, couldn't the Plutonium team make a link to downloading a version of T5 and T6 that work on LAN, just in case someone prefers that to Online only cooperative? That way one can switch between both game folders using the launcher, depending on their needs

  • @FragsAreUs Oh, and I used to have a T5 version from another team that did have a LAN server function, so maybe it'd ease up any effort of bringing that to Plutonium speaking to these other teams or taking a look at the code they used

  • @NatsiMorghila if you're talking about Rekt they closed their project to work with Plutonium, their code is already re-used, sort of.

    LAN worked before but a big rework of the custom games system makes it impossible for LAN to work without additional work
    I have no info on this but I'm not sure LAN is a high priority

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