IW5MVM fov/UI/Misc bugs

  • After the r814 update i checked to see if this was solved but it has not been so far so...

    Whenever i start up a demo and attempt to change the fov with fov or fovscale dvars, the free-cam is unaffected but the player PoV is changed.

    A couple of other problems i have is the UI and some of the carry over elements from the MISC section after attempting to see if the fov dvars work.
    IW5MVM seems to be missing its configuration file section for visual changes to the game while editing. i also tried using /exec and that too failed to work.

    Now about the MISC section in the IW5MVM, Some of the settings like the fog, lazer and no killfeed or chat functions carry over into the multiplayer matches after making changes in theater mode.

    Whenever these get patched would be appreciated. <3

  • Project Admin

    @luckyy Please look into those :P

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