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  • @TTV_WIZEQC Yes, you have to put only one map. My bad. I did not make this step on the video and i did not added this on the guide. Now i add this information.

  • New Update

    I made a big update, I recommend anyone who was using my mapvote to upgrade to the new version. I fixied some issues and optimizied the code. I added the Mapselection. In case of testing you can use map selection to change the map. I find mapselection very useful when testing things on specific maps.
    I am doing this replay to highlight the new update and that if any bugs occur it would be very helpful to report the issue under this post. Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to test it sufficiently.
    Thanks for reading

  • @Sorex Really nice mod ! I have 2 questions :

    • Is it possible to use the mapvote offline, I mean with bots but not on server ?
    • I downloaded the Server config folder but I don't have the maps/mp/... folder in data. How to have it ?
  • @Thanatos

    • Probably can be used also offline, i did not test it on private match. Is server sided dedicated
    • Create the folder, if you don't have it just create the missing folders
  • the map vote does not work, well it does but every time i add it it gives me a blue screen on the maps. doesn't show the maps AT all..

  • @Scripto I'm having the same issue here.

  • I am having problems with the latest version, every time I choose a map it always rotates to the map cargo, and the map images don't show up so I don't actually know what I am choosing, there are just 3 empty boxes...

  • Also, I don't have a main/ folder, is this a bad thing?
    I downloaded the Server Config Sorex sent to chacha18 and I already have the dedicated files found in main/ on my t6r/ folder.

  • @Sorex can i use it in custom games?

  • @ox0badErr0r No, its made to be server side. To make it work you have to edit the gsc code. But at the moment the script is getting re-worked

  • That's what happens when i set the mv_enable dvar to 0.


  • @LeonFull Sorry my bad, i find an issue with a function and insteed of using


    i used

    replaceFunc( maps\mp\gametypes\_killcam::finalkillcamwaiter, ::mv_finalkillcamwaiter);

    and i did not changed the code to make the mapvote get ignored.
    In a few minutes will be updated and fixed

    Updated, is on the same link of the 4.0.0 so press on this

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