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  • @Scripto I'm having the same issue here.

  • I am having problems with the latest version, every time I choose a map it always rotates to the map cargo, and the map images don't show up so I don't actually know what I am choosing, there are just 3 empty boxes...

  • Also, I don't have a main/ folder, is this a bad thing?
    I downloaded the Server Config Sorex sent to chacha18 and I already have the dedicated files found in main/ on my t6r/ folder.

  • @Sorex can i use it in custom games?

  • @ox0badErr0r No, its made to be server side. To make it work you have to edit the gsc code. But at the moment the script is getting re-worked

  • That's what happens when i set the mv_enable dvar to 0.


  • @LeonFull Sorry my bad, i find an issue with a function and insteed of using


    i used

    replaceFunc( maps\mp\gametypes\_killcam::finalkillcamwaiter, ::mv_finalkillcamwaiter);

    and i did not changed the code to make the mapvote get ignored.
    In a few minutes will be updated and fixed

    Updated, is on the same link of the 4.0.0 so press on this

  • Hey @Sorex, nice mod ๐Ÿ™‚

    The maps vote work well overall but I'm having trouble to make it work throught multiple gametype.
    I have try to make it work with:

    • set sv_maprotation "map mp_nuketown_2020" and set mv_gametype "gun shrp dm sas" --> the game load as tdm and the mv_gametype does not work properly

    • set sv_maprotation "exec gun.cfg map mp_nuketown_2020" and set mv_gametype "gun shrp dm sas" --> while the gametype load correctly, the mv_gametype still does not work properly

    I tryed on my own to make some tweaks to the base .gsc (implementing random gametype with the dvar gametypes, adding it to votes manager and trying to add the gametype name to server ui, adding the winner vote gametype to setrotation) but i'm not really a good c++ programmer.

    Here is what i attempted to do :

    Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

  • @eryzon
    You are right, that "mv_gametype" is not a real gametype support. In fact it was made to be edited directly from the gsc code.
    The dvar "mv_gametype" represents the file to run before the map changes. Actually to do what you need you just have to edit the mapvote code and set the dvar to the name of the file plus its extension.
    In gsc it's setDvar("mv_gametype", "gun.cfg"), unfortunately I've never dedicated myself to a system integrated to mapvote but I left the possibility to make others do it either internally in my code or from an external script.

    To show the gametype on the mapvote you have to modify the mapvote script itself.

  • your script is crashing me, is there a solution?

    it crashes with the controller. and I don't have the RAID image

  • To add to the comment above. Works fine with k+m, but with controller it crashes. Otherwise its great - its only a matter of pressing a keyboard key during final killcam.

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