Bo2 Zombies freeze sometimes

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  • Hi
    Sometimes when I play COD BO2 Zombies Especially when I play origins and mob of the dead it's not close fully its minimized to the taskbar and when I click the icon it's not opening but the cmd is still working and the game still working so, 🙏please help me to fix this problem and thx

  • try clicking alt+tab to get back into it and wait a minute if it doesn't work it sounds like a problem with your pc and the only other thing to do is relaunch the game

  • @DemonicRuler thx man but I have been solved the problem I have been installed steam and I add the game to the library using non-steam game and its works thank you very much

  • @Adem-Dz Also me when I play Origins or mob of the dead my game freeze but I can still hear the game sound, like me shooting and the zombie’s scream. Does adding bo2 plutonium on a non steam game on steam fix this problem? Please reply this bug it’s so annoying. Thanks

  • @EduPhame man its fix it for a little time I have a solution but it's strange you need to change your graphic settings from time to another

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