r687 - r742 Release Notes (Native Controller Support)

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  • Hello everyone!

    Plutonium IW5 has been updated to include Native Controller Support, meaning Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers should be plug and play, this includes menus for configuration and the correct button icons for both Xbox and PlayStation.

    Please note the controller will not work for menu navigation or killstreaks and has no aim assist.

    PlayStation controllers will need to use DS4Windows or Steam Big Picture, however input delay should still be reduced!

    Known Problems:
    Picking up a weapon is done when X or Square is pressed, this is because the PC version of the game doesn't support the controller button hold function.
    The same is true for scoreboard.
    Killstreaks cannot be used, this is because ActionSlot 4 is the only killstreak slot which is the same between PC and Console.

    We will attempt to get workarounds for these in future updates but cannot say that we will ever 100% fix them.

    How to update:
    Open Plutonium.exe and the launcher will automatically update your game.
    Be sure to have %localappdata%/Plutonium as a folder exception in Windows Defender to avoid the new files being picked up as a false positive.
    Check the controller menu by going to Options, Controls, Controller.

    Please see the below video:
    Youtube Video

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