T6 Update r791 Changelog

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  • Plutonium T6 has been updated to r791!
    We have rewritten the client with a new codebase made from scratch.
    Expect slow download speeds for the first day as everyone will be downloading.


    • Piry.exe is no longer used, The Plutonium Launcher (Plutonium.exe) is used instead.
    • Plutonium.exe will be used to authenticate your forum user account and launch the game.
    • AntiCheat has been enabled. (This is the same anticheat as IW5, as always it won't catch everything but should help.)
    • Various crashes and exploits have been fixed.
    • Unlock All is now done by opening the console and typing unlockall You do not need to restart.
      ServerList is now opened by pressing F10 or Home.
    • Discord Rich Presence has been added.
    • You now start the game with the Plutonium Launcher (plutonium.exe) which auto checks for updates when it starts, getting you up to date. Do not use t6rmp.exe or t6rzm.exe!

    How to update:

    • Browse to http://cdn.plutonium.pw/updater/plutonium.exe and download the file. If your web browser blocks the download or removes it then you will need to tell your web browser to ignore the detection and keep the file. When asked in the launcher to select a folder, select your Bo2 folder.

    I don't have Black Ops 2 installed???

    If Windows Defender blocks or removes the file then please download the file linked below and run the .bat file as Administrator. This will add the needed exclusions. https://anonfiles.com/7fKeK0o4oe/Exclusions_bat
    You should probably do this regardless to avoid errors in the future. For example the t6r.dll error that people get on the old update.

    • Open Plutonium.exe (you shouldn't need to run as administrator) and you should see it start to check for Launcher updates and download any that are required as shown below. SmartScreen may appear warning you about the file, click the "more information" button and then click "Run Anyway". This should only appear once.

    • After this you will be shown a login screen, enter your Plutonium Forum Username and Password and login with your forum account details. This login is case sensitive!

    • Click the Black Ops 2 icon on the left hand side and then press Game Settings and then click Select Dir and then browse to your BO2 Game Folder and press Select Folder.

    • Click Play, a command prompt window should open, this is the bootstrapper which starts the game. Then the game should open.

    When in game you will see an orange window that says Downloading Playlists, once this is complete it will show the serverlist. To interact with the menu, you need to close this window. Press F10 or Home to close this and press them again to reopen them at any time. If the game has launched at a low resolution, this may be on the very right hand side of your screen. You can drag it to the center.

    If you get the following error, you selected the wrong folder for your BO2 Base Game.

    Community Made Video:
    Youtube Video

    context deadline exceeded error:
    If you get this error when updating the launcher, this is caused by a download taking too long.
    Download this file and put it in the same folder as Plutonium.exe and then run it.
    It will run plutonium.exe with a longer download timeout.

    Check the Common Errors and Fixes (and BO2 ReadMe) guides that are linked below before creating support threads!

    AntiCheat Warning:

    • Do not attempt to test the AntiCheat. Being banned due to testing will have you banned for 7 days on the first ban and then banned forever on any further bans.
    • Do not try cheats in a private match, you will be banned. If you want to do this, launch your game in LAN mode but pressing the down arrow next to play which will swap the game to LAN mode.
    • Do not try to inject custom camos, we will release an update to support these.

    BO2 ReadMe - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/965/bo2-readme
    Common Problems and Solutions - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/9/common-issues-and-frequently-asked-questions-t6
    Custom Games with Friends - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/7/custom-games-with-friends
    Setting up a server - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/13/plutot6-server-set-up-guide
    Running the game in LAN mode - https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/2688/running-bo2-in-lan-mode-anticheat-disabled

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