[Bounty] [€40] [IW5] Mod Support com_restart bug

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    So as Plutonium staff may know, there is an issue when joining servers with mods. It closes the game and the window never comes back, you may also hear a popping sound like the game is trying to open back up but never does.


    I would like to put a bounty up for €40 for this to get fixed as I host alot of modded servers and alot of clients never join back because of this bug. We have also put off releasing our Cod Jumper mod because of this issue.

    I have been holding off on making a bug bounty on this ever since mod support initially got released. As it was an obvious issue with mod support that I thought would get fixed rather quick. In the mean time I have been telling people that play on my server to download a bat file that automaticaly deletes our mod when you run it to combat the issue as I have had some people complain that it is our fault.

    My last hope was the recent update to the mod support, I hope this would've fixed the issue because proper mod support is still useless if most people that connect to my server will never be able to connect again until they delete the mod.

    Edit: Updated bounty to €40

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