Is anyone else's cod 4 disconnecting your internet after installing Pluto?

  • This might be a long shot for a cause to my problem but sometime this past week my connection got unstable while playing cod 4.


    My PC is connected to my phone which is acting as a hotspot thus using the phone's 4G connection to connect to the internet. After about 1 minute of playing in any cod 4 server I get "connection interrupted". As I quit the game, a small yellow triangle appears on the WIFI symbol meaning I lost connection to the internet from my PC but I am still connected to my phone. And the internet on the phone is still working so something is wrong with my PC. After about 1 minute of not having any internet connection it automatically starts working again, which makes me certain that cod 4 is why it's disconnecting in the first place.

    This might not have anything to do with plutonium but I installed plutonium somewhere in the same timeframe as this problem started to happen. I will have to experiment with some different settings and such to perhaps find a better clue of the cause so the purpose of this post is to ask you guys if you are getting the same problem.

    Please Please Almighty Gaben, I Pray To Thy Shall My cod 4 Not Be Broken Forever. Seriously though please reply if your cod 4 is still working or if it is not. I'm on cod4 1.8x so please reply with your cod 4 version as well :)

  • Project Admin

    Definetly not caused by Plutonium, we don't touch anything internet related on your PC.