• Feature: Add commands to enable and disable filmtweaks.
    Description: Add (back) the commands that allow enabling/disabling filmtweaks, and maybe even playing around with them, unless they are already only toggle-able presets.
    Motivation: This feature should be added, since it can be useful to people who make frag movies, or any videos like commentaries in general. No one should have to look at a game that's colours are mainly black, gray and white. This also doesn't give you any uinfair advantage, since it doesn't remove any fog, effects and doesn't function anything like fullbright. These commands already existed in mw3 before they were took out, and they still exist in at least mw2sp, and in cod4 today, and they haven't caused any issues, and were even allowed in the competitive mod Promod. Here's a comparison of no filmtweaks and filmtweaks in mw2sp if you aren't convinced enough: 0_1507055765182_filmtweak.png

  • they aren't going to add that back. they have said that multiple times.

  • VIP

    Flimtweaks for them falls in the same category as fullbright. It's a strong "NO" for them. It's a good thing though. No wondering if someone has an advantage. The game is fully Vanilla for now.

  • Project Admin

    We might add Filmtweaks for theater mode, but thats as far as we'll go. But, thats for the future.

  • Project Admin

    You can now change any cheat protected dvar in iw5mvm.

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