xYarimZz's Introduction

  • Hello everyone on this plutonium website forum.

    My in-game-name is xYarimZz. I'm from Bosnia & Herzegovina & live in Germany.
    I have 24 years. Going to college which is "construction", and private college as "chef" & studying so much and work hard for college, because that is my goal to make myself to be proud and my parents to be happy and proud of me.

    My hobby last 3 years was gaming and coding , but this year my hobby is that to study and finish it... I have 2 more years to finish college. And to play little bit games because I decided it for my best life... And this year stopped to coding, but still got my scripts...

    I will now explain a easy thing that everyone will understand me about my average time of the day :

    My time is in Europe (GMT+2)
    Waking up at 6:30 or 8 AM and getting ready and eat breakfast
    In 7 AM or 10 AM going to college bus...
    Studying starts all day so I came in home in the evening at 9 PM... Look better from morning to night, from 7 AM to 9 PM... . Sad life...
    When I'm in house first what I'm doing is taking break and when I want and when I can I come to PC and sometime I can play and I can't because of learning hard...
    And yeah that is all days from Monday and Friday... and all time same thing
    At the weekend going with friends (girls) party... So yeah same thing I'm not playing games or I'm not in PC xD
    So about me I will try to be little bit more active in my own clan & in servers and website...
    Oh yeah my own clan is xR > xPlicit Revolutions and before my clan was i7 > International Seven.
    I'm hosting now my servers on pluto as named with [xR] tag...

    In future I hope this Plutonium project will be nice, so if any staff need help I can help.
    And a really big big BIG BIG thanks those Plutonium staffs for making a everybody's dream Tekno gamer for cleaning hackers for better quality of gaming for better.... I don't know there is a really different fellings of playing then others cracked mw3.

    Hope you guys have a great time and day... If you have any question to ask feel free to ask it down <3
    Discord : xYarimZz - #0156
    Website : xRevolutions.enjin.com ( soon making new website )


  • welcome brother

  • Thank you brother

  • Project Moderator

    Welcome to Plutonium :D

  • @avit_artifex Thank you buddy :)

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