Add a switch to run Plutonium without elevated user rights

  • Project Moderator

    Option to disallow elevated rights for the game process.
    Add a switch so we don't have to run Plutonium without elevated user rights.
    This feature should be added to the launcher, since a game should never required elevated user rights, this would also allow players to use system wide hot-keys (e.g. for their music players or to mute their microphone on discord) again.

  • Project Admin

    If you can find come up with a solution to taking file ownership without requesting admin rights, please let us know.

  • Project Moderator

    That's not possible unless the user already owns the file(s) but tbh idc if the launcher has admin privileges or not since it is reasonable to have them there.
    You could for example restart the launcher with admin rights on runtime if you need them or drop the elevated rights for the created game process.

  • VIP

    Good point. I never realised it would launch the game with elevated rights too. I do believe the updater itself should be ran as admin (as the many, many errors reports have shown), but running the game as admin, that's probably unnecessary.
    We'll look into it.