[Tutorial] Migrate old profile + Unlock all (MP and ZM)

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  • Migrate old profile (r372 to New Version)

    1. Obviously, follow the official guide about updating/installing PlutoT6.
    2. With everything closed, go to C:\Games\CoD BO II\t6r\player, copy everything (except user.name and dw) and paste it on C:\Games\CoD BO II\player.
      • Please use your head: if your game is on another location, go to that location.
    3. Go to C:\Games\CoD BO II\t6r\player\dw\########, copy everything and paste it on %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plutonium\storage\demonware\18397\user.
      • Same as before, use your head. If you don't have the user folder, create it.
    4. Ready, start the Plutonium Launcher and everything should work.
      • If you get the error that the statistics are corrupted or something, repeat the process but in .\18397\user delete these files after pasting them: mpClassSets, mpdatabk0000 and zmdatabk0000.

    Unlock All

    I've to give credit to these threads:
    - [Tutorial] How to get Diamond Camo in PlutoT6
    ⠀* Because here comes the part about knowing which files to delete in case of error.
    - How to unlock all or almost everything
    ⠀* Because here comes the part about having all the titles/emblems.
    - 10 Classes
    ⠀* Because here comes the part about having 5 Extra Classes.
    - [Release] Shotgun Rank/Max Bank/All Perma-Perks
    ⠀* Because I'm literally using his file, just checking a little bit and nothing else.
    ⚠ My stats are thanks to them, so...you can try their files or mine.

    1. Download PlutoT6-UA-5.zip (5 Classes in Total) or PlutoT6-UA-10.zip (10 Classes in Total), and extract everything in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plutonium\storage\demonware\18397\user.
    2. Delete these files: mpClassSets, mpdatabk0000 and zmdatabk0000.
      • If you have them, of course.
    3. Ready, if everything goes well, you'll have practically everything (especially in the MP).
      • You may have to connect from the ONLINE menu (if you don't, you will have UI ERROR 58339 as soon as you join the server)...at least with the PlutoT6-UA-10.zip.

    ZM - Gif in better quality ZM.gif
    MP - Gif in better quality MP.gif

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