r803 - r827 Changelog

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  • Hello everyone,

    An update has been pushed for MW3 and BO2 (IW5 & T6) with the following changes:

    No launcher changes.

    General stability improves. (Crash fixing)
    UltraWide screen improvements.
    If using native ultrawide monitors , change r_customAspectRatio to 2.3333 (21/9 or 3.55556 if 32:9).
    Otherwise use https://calculateaspectratio.com/ and calculate a 21:9 or 32:9 resolution that fits into your monitors resolution
    -> set r_aspectRatio to custom (4)
    -> set r_customAspectRatio accordingly (2.3333)
    -> set r_customMode to the res you calculated (eg. 1386x594)
    -> Ensure you're using windowed mode.

    The serverlist has been updated to allow more functionality.
    The serverlist also now scales with your resolution.
    You can now sort by players, apply filters, see what round a zombie server is on etc.
    You can also search for specific servers.

    Why not swap to the old serverlist?
    The old serverlist used alot of resources on older CPU models which reduced frame rates.
    Since we have remade the entire BO2 Client, the old menu system will not work as it refuses to load and rather than spend another 4 months delaying the update because of this, we decided to use ImGUI which should allow us to keep the CPU usage lower and still provide a serverlist.

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