"cmdlist" suggestion

  • Regional Moderator

    Feature: Console command that lists all the other in-game commands.
    Description: There should be a console command that allows you to get a list of everything enterable into the console. It will be way easier to test which ones are broken while needed, or aren't saving after changing their values. I know that there is a "help" command, but it lists only the commands added by PlutoIW5 and it's not enough :(
    I can try to collect all the possible commands somewhere in Google from different pages, but I won't get a full list including the commands that will be added later. So in 4D1 it was easier - you just enter "cmdlist" and it prints everything.
    Motivation: This console command should be added to the client, so people can find the specific commands they're looking for easier. Useful for customization. :)