*Fixed*Cant Launch Multiplayer. "Unable to load binary into memory" (Zombies Launches fine) Please Help

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  • FIXED: So all I did was make a new account on my PC and transfer all my files over. In a new file on the new Profile, I ran Piry once then installed the launcher again, then I had the option to "SETUP" again for Bo2 so I did and it works fine. I never figured out what the actual problem was. But this is an Ez fix in my opinion so hope this helps anyone with the same problem.

    Cant Launch MP!! "Unable to load binary into memory"
    Zombies will launch completely fine I cant Launch MP, Both CMD windows pop up like a normal launch but 2 seconds later it pops up with this. Can anyone help??


    • Redownloading Piry and Re-running it 3 different times(With bo2 installed).
    • Redownloaded BO2 Twice
    • Deleted every file including the launcher and following the websites guide on exactly how to download correctly and I'm still getting this error message.
      (My disk was full so I deleted warzone so now I have 128g free just in case it was a space problem but it's not)
      I also saw a couple of other people with this problem on the discord but no one knew what the problem was.


    If the IMG doesn't work: https://gyazo.com/e5ce80e9b66092c77a20465ac9959c5e

    Please help! Just wanna play this with my friend before he goes back to college in a week! Thank you have a good day.

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