Simpified Chinese for Pluto Launcher

  • Feature: Have chinese suppert in Pluto Launcher
    Description: just same as feature or title
    Motivation: there is schinese support in the pluto forum natively ,so how about pluto launcher? lel

    here is the translated string table:

    PU_CANCEL = "取消";
    PU_CHANGE_LOGIN = "切换账户";
    PU_CHECKING_FILE = "检查中....";
    PU_CHECKING_FILES = "正在验证文件完整性...";
    PU_DLC_CONFIRM = "下载/安装";
    PU_DLC_DOWNLOAD_CLOSE = "正在下载DLC, 关闭这个窗口会关闭任何运行中的进程并且损坏任何下载中的文件";
    PU_DLC_DOWNLOAD_INCOMPLETE = "当前有一个未完成的下载, 在完成之前无法下载任何内容.";
    PU_DLC_IWD = "看起来你少了那些对于DLC来说必须的IWD文件, 你现在就想要下载他们吗? 回答否将会关闭 DLC下载器.";
    PU_DLC_IWD_SUCCESS = "IWD文件装好了! 游玩愉快!";
    PU_DLC_SUCCESS = "{0} 安装完毕.";
    PU_DLC_TITLE = "Plutonium DLC 选择器";
    PU_EXCEPTION = "如果你不理解下面的文章, 请反馈给一个 Plutonium 开发者.";
    PU_EXIT_CONTENT = "如果你不登录, 你将无法使用我们的在线服务.";
    PU_EXIT_TITLE = "你确定?";
    PU_FETCHING_FILELIST = "获取文件列表中...";
    PU_LANGUAGE_SELECT = "选择一个语言:";
    PU_LOGIN_CONFIRM = "登陆";
    PU_LOGIN_EXPIRED = "服务器炸了,无法登陆.";
    PU_LOGIN_FAILED = "无法登陆.";
    PU_LOGIN_PROMPT = "登陆 Plutonium";
    PU_LOGIN_SKIP = "跳过";
    PU_LOGIN_USERNAME = "用户名";
    PU_NO = "拒绝!";
    PU_RUN = "运行游戏";
    PU_TITLE = "Plutonium - 升级中...";
    PU_UNKNOWN_ERR = "有些东西炸了. 请将下面这些反馈给一个 Plutonium 开发者.";
    PU_UPDATE_FAILED = "我们无法将你的游戏升级到最新版. 要获取更多信息请检查下面的错误或者稍后再试.";
    PU_UPDATE_SUCCESS = "你的游戏已经更新到最新版了. 游玩愉快!";
    PU_UPDATE_SUCCESS_TITLE = "游戏已是最新版!";
    PU_YES = "是";

    (I just get the string table using ILSpy,Forgive me)


    additional lines:

    1) "It appears you are not running PU.exe from a valid MW3 installation directory."
    -> "看起来你没有从 现代战争3 目录中运行 PU.exe"
    2) "Move it to a valid MW3 installation directory."
    -> "把它移动到一个正确的 现代战争3 的安装目录里去."
    3) "If you believe this is an error, please contact an Pluto staff member."
    -> "如果你确信这个是一个错误,请联系 Pluto 官方人员."
    4) "Exception caught while trying to update PU{0}{1}: {2}" `Codes` "{0}The error was reported to the Plutonium staff"
    -> "升级PU时发生{0}{1}错误,详情: {2}" `Codes` "{0}已将这个错误反馈给 Plutonium 官方."
    5) "Exception caught while trying to update PU{0}{1}: {2}" `Codes` "{0}The error was automatically reported to the Pluto staff."
    -> "升级PU时发生{0}{1}错误,详情: {2}" `Codes` "{0}已自动将这个错误反馈给 Plutonium 官方."
    6) "Unfortunately, PU ran into an unhandled exception and needs to be closed.{0}The bug report has been submitted to our staff.{1}{2}Error information for your own reference:{3}{4}"
    -> "抱歉, PU 中发生了一个无法处理的错误并且需要关闭.{0}已将这个 bug 提交给了我们的官方人员.{1}{2}参考错误信息:{3}{4}"
    7) "PU - Fatal Error"
    -> "PU - 致命错误"
    8) "All files that aren't required to run the game will be deleted.{0}Are you sure you want to continue?"
    -> "所有游戏不需要的文件都将会被删除.{0}你想要继续吗?"
    9) "Please wait while your gamefiles are being validated. This will happen in the background and can take a long time depending on you computer. A popup with more information will show when necessary."
    -> "请在你的游戏验证中的时候耐心等等。验证过程将会在后台运行,花费多久取决于你的电脑性能, 在必要的时候一个包含更多信息的消息框将会显示."
    10) "All done! Press OK and start the launcher normally."
    -> "搞定! 请按下确定后正常启动启动器."
    11) "Exception caught while trying to clean gamefiles{0}{1}: {2}"
    -> "在清理的你的文件的时候发生了一个错误{0}{1}: {2}"
    12) "An exception occured while gathering data:{0}"
    -> "获取数据时发生异常 :{0}"
    13) "Please report this to Plutonium staff.{0}"
    -> "请将这个反馈给 Plutonium 官方.{0}"
    14) "There was an error while extracting DLC pack {0}:{1}{2}: {3}"
    -> "解压 DLC 的时候发生错误 {0}:{1}{2}: {3}"
    15) "plutonium_iw5mp.exe missing(?!)"
    -> "找不到 plutonium_iw5mp.exe(?!)"
    16) "plutonium_iw5mp.exe missing, re-run the updater!"
    -> "找不到 plutonium_iw5mp.exe, 请重新运行更新器!"

  • he is trolling.

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    @thechanchan-man said in Simpified Chinese for Pluto Launcher:

    he is trolling.

    Where? alt text
    UPD: PU_LOGIN_EXPIRED = "The server was blown up and could not land."
    PU_UNKNOWN_ERR = "Some things are blown. Please feed the following feedback to a Plutonium developer.";

    I don't know, maybe it's a joke, lol, or an idiom

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    Can someone confirm that this is a correct translation or not?

  • @koffey "Blown up" or "炸了" for us is means something is unavailable or something crashes,It's a correct translation.

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    Well aight it's in. If it's a troll we'll hear soon enough. Thanks @GEEKiDoS