Server Admin Commands?

  • So we just recently put up a server using this client and wanted to know do they allow plugins and admin commands and what not. For example... changing map, rotating the map, and things like that. The reason I ask is because since this client uses an anti-cheat, we want to use our server to scrim against other clans since it's more reliable than Tekno.... Does such a command exist or plugin for server admins to exist?

  • Banned

    For now there is no mod support, they said a lua documentation is coming soon so people will probably start working on an admin script. You can use the server rcon console for map changing, kicks etc....

  • Project Admin

    There is mod support, however, a few callbacks have been temponarily disabled until the next update. LUA documentation will follow later.

  • Project Moderator

    These are the commands for the rcon console @StaRT mentioned.:

    Available commands:
    start_map_rotate            ---   start the map rotation
    status                      ---   show player list and information
    serverinfo                  ---   show server related info
    quit                        ---   close the server
    <dvar name>                 ---   show dvar type/value, example: sv_hostname
    <dvar name> <value>         ---   set dvar value, example: sv_hostname test
    dropClient <client number> [reason]---   kick player by client number, example: dropclient 5
    drop <all/all bots/player name> [reason]---   kick everyone/all bots/a player, example: drop "Unknown Soldier"
    banClient <client number> [reason]---   permanently ban player by client number, example : banclient 5
    ban <player name> [reason]  ---   permanently ban player by name, example: ban "Unknown Soldier" "Hacker."
    tempBanClient <client number> [reason]---   temporarily ban player by client number, example : banclient 5
    tempBan <player name> [reason]---   temporarily ban player by name, example: ban "Unknown Soldier" "Hacker."
    unban <player name/@playerId>---   unban a player by name or ban id, example: unban "Unknown Soldier"
    killserver                  ---   shut down the server
    say <message>               ---   broadcast a chat message to all players, example: say hello everyone
    sayraw <message>            ---   same as above, but the "console: " prefix is ommitted
    map <map name>              ---   change to the given map, example: map mp_dome
    map_restart                 ---   restart the running map
    fast_restart                ---   same as above but the map is not reloaded
    loadScript <plugin name>    ---   load an InfinityScript plugin, example: loadScript myPlugin.dll (myPlugin.dll must be present in the "scripts" folder) - takes effect after the next map restart)
    unloadScript <plugin name>  ---   unload a previously loaded script, example: unloadScript myPlugin.dll- takes effect after the next map restart
    dumpuser <name>             ---   display detailed information about a player, example: dumpuser "Unknown Soldier"
    kill <player>               ---   kill the given player, example: kill 5
    god <player>                ---   enable/disable godmode for the given player
    demigod <player>            ---   enable/disable demigod for the given player
    noclip <player>             ---   enable/disable noclip for the given player
    ufo <player>                ---   enable/disable UFO for the given player
    weapdump <player>           ---   list weapons held by given player
    To look up the client number of a given player, issue the "status" command; the integer in the leftmost column is the client number.
    Commands are case insensitive.