Plutonuim Survival

  • Plutonium Survival Feature

    I wanna suggest a Survival Feature for the Plutonium MW3 Application I call it

    Plutonium Survival

    The Pros of it if able

    Custom Class system [Survival Classes]
    Custom/Cloosable MW3 Survival Maps
    Unlock-able camos to be used in Plutonium Survival
    Buyable Ability's [Be Able to Buy Perks Body Armor, Extra Damage, ETC.]
    Score-streaks [Buyable UAV, Reaper, ETC] or get them though getting enough NPC Kills or Boss Kills aka Juggys or Riotshield Juggs


    Admins more and likely will hate my idea and not add it. Hopefully it wont come to that and we can consider what can be tweaked to my suggestion.

  • Regional Moderator

    Sounds like a good mod idea, but I would prefer to play the original one to get the true MW3 feeling :P
    Anyway it would be nice if it will be possible to mod singeplayer.

  • Maybe it can have two Gamemodes that can be switched depending if someone want to play the Classic Survival or Plutonium Survival

    Plutonium Classic Survival (The Original MW3 Stock Survival)
    Plutonium Survival (My Idea of Plutonium Survival)