E10S ODST J Indica Introduction

  • Name: Jack Ryan Indica
    Sex: Male
    Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
    Service Branch: UNSC Marine Corps
    Weapons : Battle Rifle, and Sniper Rifle
    Class: ODST
    Military Operational Specialty: Marksman Expert
    Biography: Jack Ryan Indica was born and grew up in the United States with his younger brother and their mother, When the war with the Covenant broke out in 252. Jack grew up hearing about the Covenant's acts of brutality from returning veterans. So when he turned 17 in 2530 he enlisted in the Marines and while he was in his MEPS station an O.D.S.T. recruiter stopped him and asked if he would like to volunteer for the ODSTs Jack said yes wanting the challenge. He went through boot camp and actually found it fairly easy and was assigned to the UNSC 115th Orbital Drop Shock Battalion. Jack had never taken a life human or otherwise until his first deployment on Eridanus II Covenant and Rebels shooting at his unit, each other, everywhere. he didn't know why his company commander hot dropped his company into the middle of a thousand Angry rebels and covies but he did, and Jack did his job, and thats when he took took first life of the war. His next deployment was Groombridge-1830 his unit had fought on Christmas eve and his present was a energy sword slash attack across his back from an Elite hiding in a corner with his active camouflage on. he got separated from his unit they thought he was dead and so went on to carry out their mission, he crawled back to them wounded and almost died there. the next engagement Jack fought in was in 2531 and it was a boring one dropped into what was left of Harvest and his unit just basically killed Covenant. Four years no major engagements, Jacks little brother joined the ODST's he and his brother were both deployed to Jericho VII and Charybdis IX where Jack's little brother Jeffrey died in his arms, to commemorate his brothers fighting spirit and Honor. Jack got a tattoo of the 115th Shock Battalions unit badge on his right bicep saying. "Semper Fi Jeffrey Yurivitch Kravchenko, dove feet first into hell, never forgotten. " Jack Ryan Indica Has fought in every major engagement the UNSC had with the Covenant since the death of his brother.