More usage of localizedstrings in menu files

  • Regional Moderator

    Feature: Replace newly added text strings with the ones from the game.
    "FRIENDS" -> "FRIENDS" (mpui.str or menu.str) - main menu; friends menu.
    "Online" -> "ONLINE" (xboxlive.str) - friends statuses.
    "Offline" -> "OFFLINE" (xboxlive.str) - friends statuses.
    "CREDITS" -> "SP_CREDITS_CAPS" (menu.str) - credits menu title.
    "Playing on %servername%" -> "PLAYINGMP" (presence.str) - friends statuses.
    "UNLOCK ALL" -> "UNLOCK" (menu.str) - barracks.
    "Online Players: %1 out of %2" -> "TOTALUSERCOUNT" (xboxlive.str) - server browser.
    and others..
    Motivation: They should be replaced because the original ones are translated to other languages and it will be somehow more optimized. alt text


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