ReShade: PU - Fatal Error

  • Since "X" update that gives error the PU.exe by ReShade.

    The only solution I had (I admit I didn't investigate much about it), is this:
    -01- Rename d3d9.dll to d3d9.dll.bak
    -02- Start PU.exe
    -03- When everything is ready (Game is up to date!), rename d3d9.dll.bak to d3d9.dll
    -04- Click on Launch game
    -05- Ready

    I'm not sure if it's my problem, ReShade, PU or what...So I report it. :P

  • Project Moderator

    You can't use ReShade on Plutonium.

  • @Infamous Isn't allowed? 🤔

  • Project Moderator

    I'm afraid not, sorry.

  • @infamous Mmm...But, Prometheus told me it's allowed.
    alt text

    Now I'm more confused. xD

  • Project Moderator

    Afaik it is allowed and it works fine if you don't let the launcher (load or) delete it.

  • Project Admin

    Yeah we don't fully support it but it won't get you banned, it appears the launcher struggles to remove / update the .dll for some reason, we'll look at it in the future but for now use your workaround :)

  • Project Moderator

    I did write a suggestion about it here, I also did take a look at the IL code of the launcher and its as easy as jumping over one method or editing one if statement.

      .method private hidebysig static void  CleanGameFolder() cil managed
        // Code size       23 (0x17)
        .maxstack  8
        IL_0000:  ldstr      "d3d9.dll"
        IL_0005:  call       bool [mscorlib]System.IO.File::Exists(string)
        IL_000a:  brfalse.s  IL_0016
        IL_000c:  ldstr      "d3d9.dll"
        IL_0011:  call       void [mscorlib]System.IO.File::Delete(string)
        IL_0016:  ret
      } // end of method App::CleanGameFolder

  • VIP

    Once again, there's a reason the launcher deletes this file: (so don't just blindly attempt to circumvent the deletion)
    The launcher also uses directx for WPF, which is GPU-backed.
    This means the launcher will attempt to load the modified dx DLL, which makes the launcher unstable and unpredictable: we've had lots of cases reported to us where the launcher would crash with some rendering failure, and all of these were resolved by deleting modified dx dll's.
    If you modify the launcher to circumvent this behavior, be my guest, but we won't help you with any support questions.

  • Project Admin

    I highly suggest using our commandline updater if you plan to use reshade. PU.exe tries to delete d3d9.dll as the reshade one fucks with the launcher. The commandline launcher isn't affected and such doresn't try to delete d3d9.dll

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