Bring back BOTS even with bugs please

  • Please bring back BOTs even if they have bugs.
    I don't really mind bugs untill better versions arrive.
    I request this as I wished for bots since MW3 came out and I never had the chance to try it.
    With my poor knowledge over COD back in 2011 I thought that since BO1 had BOTS (Combat Training)
    MW3 would have it too, but I was wrong.
    Please bring back BOTS even in buggy state so I can at least taste it.
    Pleeeeeease :P

  • Well if they cause crashes then I understand the exclusion of the feature.

  • Hello Spi,

    I understand you would like to work with bots, but you need to understand that we do not want to release things while we already know it won't work out properly yet.
    This is exactly why i want to ask you to be patient until we finally push an update which includes bots.


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