Animated loading screens

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    Animated loading screens
    Show short loops on the loading screen.
    This feature should be added to the client, once animated textures are done to show off the new feature with short loops of the map on the loading screen. If possible file loading should be moved into a background thread so the loading screen won't lag. High frame rates and resolution for the loops should be considered as well as low end PCs.

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    If someone would make the animated loadscreen images: sure.

  • Sounds good, but unfortunately it's hard to make such loading screens for all maps :c

  • Very good idea indeed!

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    Well what about making a certain amount of animated loading screens, independent of the map being loaded and just playing them, lets say, randomly?

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    @koffey Jup but it just takes a few minutes per map. (I had a nearly perfectly looped prototype for Dome after 5 min!)

    @AviT_Artifex thx

    @w1red Well that wouldn't change a lot, since you trade in the amount of work you save on recording the clips for the work you have to put into a few good animations.

    @Prometheus Get me short clips from the correct angles, colour corrected and in 4k and you can have them. (I'm partly colour blind so I won't be able to do that :/)

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