[Release] How to add missing DLC's Camos to your Plutonium Client!

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  • Hi! ๐Ÿ˜Š i present you all my modified version of the plutonium client (two files were only replaced), or well maybe not modified cause i only copied and pasted some files that ive downloaded from some weird russian site that i dont remember at the moment cause i obtained them with an older version of the client back in 2018, and saved it with me, anyway after hours of trying to figure out what were the files that enabled the DLC's Camos i finally figured it out.
    It were these two:
    ffotd_tu13_zm_147.ff.00 and ffotd_tu13_mp_147.ff.00
    or maybe the last one only but i copied them two because maybe the zombies one (zm) is essential too??? IDK.
    WARNING: i havent fully tested the game with them (specifically Zombies) but i did tried them in multiplayer and even played some games with the camos enabled and they were perfectly working
    And as a bonus i include stats files for your id folder that are all maxed out in game (without prestige) that allows you to unlock diamond camo right away
    anyway enough writing (or reading for you), now ill show you all some pictures that ive taken in game

    Create a class shots:

    Create a Class.png




    In game camos shots (i couldn't upload them to the post itself, i keep getting errors all the time):
    Folder in GDrive

    Now for the download part

    DLC's Camos (Replace Only)

    Max Stats with Diamond Camo


    • For the DLC's Camos Enabled Files.rar just drag and drop into your game root folder, if you are asked to replace just click yes. NOTE: of course this will only work if you have downloaded the client from the official site and have a clean installation of it. By that i mean UNMODIFIED.

    • For the Max Stats with Diamond Camo.rar you will have to drag and drop all the files inside the .rar to this directory

    Call of Duty Black Ops II/t6r/player/dw/<ID>
    Where <ID> is the client number (for me it was A395B3DD)  
    example: Call of Duty Black Ops II/t6r/player/dw/A395B3DD
    NOTE: Delete all inside this folder before dropping the new files or you will have an error.

    So that was it, now you can fully customize your weapons inside the game without using external tools.

    For Modders Only or the developers of PlutoniumT6: feel free to modify or check any of the files that ive given in this post since im not a modder i cant do much about it or know how this even works or if it has some line code or something modified inside of it to make the camos appear in game, so hopefully some of you may find out what the trick to it is and then include it in newer releases, if it is stable of course

    Excuse my writing, please, if there were some misspellings in this post (English is not my native language) ๐Ÿ˜… .

  • Hey - I've removed the download link for the modified Plutonium files as that carries a risk of anticheat detection in later updates and we'd prefer the community to not get used to using modified clients, plus the risk of somebody infecting people is too high.

    I've kept the over 2 downloads, it should be noted that using this method will likely see an increase in UIERROR messages until the next T6 update, so I guess use at your own risk, ideally wait for the next update.

    Regardless - nice effort OP ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Mr-Android Ok, but is that the only error that exists? (UIERROR messages) or is there another one? because during my time testing the game in multiplayer i haven't gotten any errors at all. And my final question is could you or any person in your staff do some reverse engineering or edit those files to see whats the thing that makes the camos appear in the game menu?

  • There's a few error messages right now, some caused by bad repacks. We are indeed working on DLC camos etc, have you seen our progress update threads?


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