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    Hello PlutoStaff

    I suggest to make a clan tag like from original mw3 game from steam...
    I thought that to make a website or I don't know group on pluto anything... Like on steam they have group clan. So I thought everyone who is in someone in clan like my clan is xR and they can't get access to set xR tag only me or unitl they got accepted in xR website...
    There can show how much members are in clan how online and other things
    But what I thought to make that everyone can make other custom clan tag which you can't use other a real clan like xR, Pluto, idk LA,
    I will show you like this :

    Feature: Option to make a clan tag.
    Description: There should be two options for clan tag.. 1 is that you can make custom clan tag which you can't use a real tag from real clan, and 2 while you got accepted in any clan owners of clan can set him rank.
    Motivation: I think this is good idea only if it's possible to make it.

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    imo kinda waste of time

  • @xyarimzz, I think it's an excellent idea!

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    A possibility to devide between "confirmed" online tags and regular clantags seems like a good idea imo.

    Maybe having different coloured brackets or something similar to show its "confirmed"?

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    @start bruh...
    @Kalitos Thank you :)
    @w1red Thank you of what you think it's good idea... But yeah there will be colored green "conifrmed" or "accepted" in their clan websites
    like this :