Friends/Users Options and Chat in Main Menu.

  • Feature: Option to open a Chat window in the Main Menu.

    Description: Implement an option for the Friends list, that when you click on a friend in the list, comes up with options such as:

    • Chat (Main Suggestion): Opens a new window to start a conversation or leave a message.

    • Delete (Optional): Delete this friend of your list

    • Join (Optional): Join the same server this friend is playing on.

    Motivation: chat on the game menu would be good for several reasons:

    • You can warn an Admin or Mod server if there is any Hacker, AFK, Bug, Other.

    • Being able to talk with friends whether they are playing or in the Main Menu.

    • f you want to play with your Friend, he or she can warn you when a free slot is released on the server.

    (In case they're playing, all you have to do is press ESC and choose the CHAT option, either to send a message while they're playing or to answer the incoming calls)

    Here I leave some Poor examples created in Paint :(

    alt text

    alt text

    Sorry, if my English is bad, I'm using a translator. Thank

  • Project Admin

    The suggestion is nice but I don't think it will be implemented anytime soon. That is because I am the only developer of the core project right now, and I rather focus on getting custom stuff out first. It does look like a good idea though!


  • Banned

    pretty good suggestion imo, also n1c3 paint skills

  • Very nice option ! gj i think that would be very helpful

  • VIP

    It's good idea
    but Prometheus is now working alone and can't reach everything alone.

  • Cool idea but I would rather just use steam to chat and invite people etc honestly.

  • Whilst I dont think using steam to invite somebody would work, I can see discord being used for that even more. Especially since its integration is being worked on afaik/working already.

  • Good to see you put effort in your suggestion.
    But unfortunately i do not think this will be implented anytime soon either.