Greetings Pluto!

  • Hello, my name is Stalls but you can call me Kyle. I am a call of duty editor (i edit montages and frags). I usually edit console montages but I am learning how to edit frags and the Plutonium IW5 client will be the perfect chance for me to make my own frags and practice how to edit them. It's also exciting to be able to play matchmaking on this client.

    I started editing in 2015 and I am still not up to standards with most of the editors in our current year and I am working really hard to improve my editing skills and progress further from there. I edit in After Effects CC 2017 and occasionally Sony Vegas Pro 14. I also lead a console/frag editing team that recently hit 1,000 subscribers. It's called Win95 Editors, you can look it up on YouTube we have some really good editors but we do get hate and criticized sometimes for many reasons. But it's usually really good support from our viewers.

    I also enjoy filming. I don't have a camera but for the time being I use my phone camera because it has a nice focus. I currently have my eyes on a Canon T5i DSLR Camera so I am saving my money to buy it.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I love you all and I am excited for the Plutonium Project!
    ~ Stalls

  • Project Admin

    Welcome to Plutonium :smiley:

  • Welcome to Plutonium! We are glad to see you here! Enjoy your stay!