5v5 Pluto Tournament

  • Hey guys. I know this is short notice, but, tomorrow I will be hosting a tournament on Plutonium. It's mostly players coming from TeknoMW3. 2 teams from Tekno didn't want to play anymore(likely because they can't hack in this client as they can on Tekno). I know it's an extremely short notice but there is a prize(better to play for something ni my opinion) for the winning team. Currently 6 teams are applied. If anyone is interested please contact me here or on my discord(I'll provide links below) and register your team on the website provided if you're interested.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/uKv8hsV

    Website to register your team and players: https://battlefy.com/wat-clan/shits-and-giggles-mw3-tournament/5a3c5bc14b91b60391122542/info?infoTab=details

    Rules and items blocked: http://watclan.enjin.com/forum/m/21659157/viewthread/31341551-items-blocked-for-tournament

    Again, sorry for the short notice. Would love to play against some new people!

  • Also: The tournament will start around 7PM EST and will likely be played over the course of Friday and Saturday.

  • Good that somebody tries to do tournaments and stuff! I like the idea, but if I see teams like this then 0_1515157633073_cb43bd19-f80e-426b-83e0-f22b9602857d-image.png
    I am not really happy, because I am from Austria .. and sorry but thats not fun anymore ..
    I would play with my Promod Team, just to keep it active, but tbh, the Rules sound pretty shit to me.. for example, mp7 is allowed but acr not? all "noob" shotguns are allowed but spas12 not? FMG Akimbo is allowed -> one of the strongest weapon in this game...

    I like normal SND with Perks and stuff too, but I guess you can make the rules better.
    Next time with better rules I will also play with my Team :)

    I wish you and all participants good luck! :)

  • @rosamaha The guy who made that clan tag is a troll although his clan is serious about the tourney. It is the internet though and stuff shouldn't offend you that easily. I think you misread my rules because everything that's on that list is what's actually banned, not what's allowed. The mp7 is banned. The shotgun you mentioned are the only ones allowed... not banned. Everything stated on the list is what what you CANNNOT use and is banned.

    It would be nice to see different clans play in this tourney if you can. I come from Tekno(shitty client) and I've only played clans there and it'd be fun to play against new people and what not. I do plan on throwing more in the future for bigger and better prizes. I look forward to seeing you there and possibly this one if you do change your mind.

  • oh xd sorry I didnt read the headline "Items Blocked for Tournament" ^^

  • No thanks, if you want make a competitive tournament with restrictions, why dont you just use promod ruleset?
    Dead silence allowed, Sitrep pro banned = gg

    Basically you giving advantage to hosts(you) because elimination of soundwhoring will make it more of a ping based game, which favors the hosts and reduces to possibility to (possibly) better teams of outsmarting them.

    Good luck with the tournament ;)

  • Project Moderator

    @amic_towelie It's his tournament he can have whatever rules he wants, not everyone thinks soundwhoring is good.

  • Project Moderator

    @amic_towelie EU team won the tournament so "ping based" is out the window.

  • Project Moderator

    or they were just better @TheEliteDon ;)