I am searching for a Server Provider/Hoster for Promod Servers

  • Therefore that my old mates and I are pretty active in Promod, it would be cool that we can move from Steam mw3 to pluto mw3 already...
    Therefore we need at least 2 Servers, so one Public 18 Slots Promod Server and one 12 Slots Private Server.
    It would be amazing if the Hoster comes from Germany ^^

    Maybe somebody will do this!
    Thanks Rosamaha!

  • PM me for your offer. I might have something available in NL. ;)

  • Project Admin

    I would rent a VPS and put it there. OVH have decent prices and are pretty reputable, but sometimes they bother you with ID checks and so on. Otherwise I can recommend HostHatch which we use as part of our infrastructure. Their KVM VPSes should work as you can provide your own ISO (I haven't tried but should work fine as far as I can tell).

  • Project Moderator

    I use https://www.hetzner.de for my game servers, it might be a bit pricier but you get a full dedicated machine, they don't use server class hardware but thats really not needed for something like a game server. I never had any problems in the last 10 years, they have multiple data centers in Germany and many more around the globe. Depending on your ISP in Austria you will have a ping between 35 and 15 ms to their data centers in Germany.

  • thx to all of you! :) i will check all out =)

  • VIP

    Check out OneProvider dedicated server, i use their dedicated server to host all my servers and website :D