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  • Dear Plutonium. 11th April

            Hello, guys are you gonna expand this project and making it more than one game like bo3, ww2,  **cod mw 2** or even adding **cod bo2 campaign** cuz I think people will love it like ***faze*** loved it when you bought the trick shoting community back online. 

    So are you guys gonna expand and make it a paradise any time soon BTW love your work I am sooo happy now Cuz of plutonium while I am stuck in home

    Your loyal fan

  • bo3

    Not happening, BO3 already has modding and dedicated servers, there isn't really much to be added.


    Already exists, IW4x.

    bo2 campaign

    Plutonium is not intended for piracy, SP will not be shipped. Buy the game.

  • // Moved
    Please create posts in the appropriate category. Also deleted your other post, please do not make identical posts.

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