Implementation of visible skins for all players

  • 1-The initial idea that I propose is to include the skins as in cod 4 and that are visible to all
    2-Second idea (Something subrealistic for what is the pirate client) is to create an online camos store of each dedicated server that is achieved based on points or death streaks, saving data such as reg.xml

    I would like to me and all the players the idea of being able to play with the camos and that others can see them but the latter is something very complex to do and I understand it but it would be very striking and give a unique touch to the plutonium client

  • To be honest, I really like this idea and it will make the game fun and worth grinding for. Obviously I'd rather other things be worked on and I'd rather other features but this is one that I really like and wouldn't mind seeing in the PlutoIW5 client. Thanks for your suggestion @Mactavish!

  • Project Moderator

    IMHO that should be implemented with a lua mod, especially since you want the unlocks to be server specific.

    Also Plutonium IW5 isn't a client aimed at pirates, it literally has been designed to run from the same folder as the steam game and has many improvements compared to the steam version.

  • @conkley It would be a unique feature of this client I am more than certain that I would draw the attention of many players and customize the maps at the same time as the clan logo