Waited for ban to pass but got autoban and says will ban again if I try to login

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  • Hello,

    Hope all is well. I was guilty of trying to inject a mod in zombies but I was trying to play myself only but that's fine. I was told to wait till 10/26 and I think that was like 25 days or so and I did and this morning I was happy and I tried to login and it said I'm banned for 5 more days.
    I'm kinda scared, should I uninstall everything, or was my original ban for longer?

    Thank you,

  • Well that can't be the case, if you're banned the 2nd time, its permanent. You probably misread the ban time the first time. Wait it out, also don't try to evade the ban creating more accounts, it'll only increase the timer.

  • Ok perfect, thank you will wait it out.

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