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  • Hy everyone !
    I'm an Hardcore Player of iw4x and I just discovered Plutonium Project and it looked amazing !
    So I go on the forum, find the good topic for download, register myself, download the game...
    And when I wanted to play, I saw a lot of server, but not any players... This is soooo disapointing.
    So I've been thinking of a new feature.

    • Feature : Website for promoting Plutonium
    • Description: Simple website outside forum that allows you to quickly see advantages of plutonium, a how to install guide, the register part, and the download of PU.exe
    • Motivation: The current website (plutonium.pw) does not allows you to download directly the client and is not really user friendly, this new website should simplify things for common users, in order to get a bigger player base.

    I can work actively on this feature since I got some knowledge in web Development, just let me know if you are interested in !

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    @dr00ps I wouldn't describe the current website as:

    not really user friendly

    In fact I would say it is very user friendly. It's simple, it conveys it's message about what Plutonium IW5 is and gives links to related sites (forum,discord,knowledge base), and it does a great job of building up a user's hype as they scroll down the page.
    However to agree with you, I suggest towards the bottom of the page, after the hype has been built up, a quick install guide with a download client button (although if I remember correctly I think account registration is required before client download), it would definitely support those sorts of people whom struggle to navigate a simple minimalistic forum.

  • @ThermalAbuser Yes, well i didn't express myself in a good way. The website is user friendly, but there's not the basic informations and functionality a MW3 player is searching for. For example, IW4x website is much more easy to use if you just want to play iw4. I think a functional website like that (the overall design of plutonium website is better than the iw4x tho), with maybe a registration form built in it (maybe required before download ?) will be much better and will certainly bring more players to plutonium

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    So your suggestion is to make the client download more prevalent and easier to find on the website? If so I agree

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    3 steps
    Bild Text

    Bild Text

    Bild Text

    Seems pretty ez to me

  • @h3x1c
    Yes it is

  • @w1red Well not for a unitiated... Trust me, I'm actually working on these ahah

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    So something like this?


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    Easy if you have good english and the ability to actually read masses of text. Sadly a lot of people don't

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    I'd agree to this, I'll look into improving our homepage and downloading.

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    All those buttons are kinda information overload, especially with most of them having the same color.
    @Mr-Incredible hmu if you want my take on this.