Suggestions for new players?

  • Hi everyone. I used to play Modern Warfare 3 on Teknomw3 since 2015. But today, i realised that there is a writing which is ''Plutonium iw5''. After research, ı encountered this website. So i am new there. I have a question about this project:
    İs there extra modification in online mw3 about gameplay and servers? And what is your suggestions for new Plutonium players? Thanks a lot.

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    Welcome to the community!

    Compared to TeknoMW3, Plutonium has a functioning anti-cheat, mod support, and (soon) custom weapons and balance changes (stun will be nerfed, thank God)

    Plutonium is also under active development, unlike Tekno (AFAIK)

    If you want to find players, join the project Discord server and ask in the #find-players channel.