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    Hello all!
    The team feels we should provide some updates on what we are doing for our next update and what is taking up our time and the changes we are thinking about making to try and increase our playerbase.

    Custom Weapons:
    We said we could do it and we're determined to prove this. No offense to our cousin clients from years gone by but we don't approve of subpar weapon porting, as such our weapons include;

    • Working Create A Class selections. (No selecting a weapon with 2 attachments to use a custom weapon).

    • Working animations. (Nobody likes broken animations, our weapons will have fully working animations that come with the gun in their original games.)

    • Working attachments. What is the point in using a custom weapon if you can't use it's attachments?

    • Working camo's. You want your gun to look good right?

    • Working sounds, nobody likes their custom weapon to sound like a pistol, Plutonium is the first client in both IW4 and IW5 to have custom weapons with the correct and working sound files.

    • Heavily tested and balanced before being put into the client, no overpowered guns from us!

    Current Weapons in development are the AK-74u and the Intervention. A video for the AK-74u can be seen below.
    AK-74u in Plutonium IW5 – 00:37
    — Plutonium Project

    Custom Maps:
    The one we know you've all been hyped for, currently in development is SO_DeltaCamp and MP_Rust. Deltacamp being a small special operations map from MW3 and Rust being the well known close quarters map from IW4. Plutonium is the only IW5 project to have working custom maps.
    Plutonium IW5 Custom Singleplayer Map Conversions Teaser Trailer – 01:54
    — Plutonium Project


    Server Specific Weapon Stats:
    Don't like the balancing we do to custom weapons? Think you can do it better? Good, we let you do that! Server owners will be able to change the stats to any weapons, increasing their power or decreasing it... or you can make the weapon basically unusable as shown below.
    [Feature Preview] Server Specific Weapons Stats – 00:35
    — Plutonium Project

    Code Refactor:
    We're reworking our current codebase, it is incredibly messy and broken in parts and this makes development much harder, as such we've started from scratch and we are re-adding the working bits, we're hoping this will improve performance, reduce crashes and allow our developers to fix bugs that were caused from very critical code modification. Such as the super powerful stun grenades...

    We're looking to make downloading and installing the client easier than ever, this includes tutorial videos on our home page as well as clear download buttons and support sections. It's likely we will clean our forum as well to reduce confusion.

    We'll be looking into our launcher, trying to reduce crashes and bugs and make the experience better overall.

    Mod downloading works in Plutonium, if you connect to a modded server the mod will automatically download and install for you. We are also looking for people who know LUA and InfinityScript, we would like to have some developers who can port InfinityScript mods to LUA so server owners can have an easy time setting up their favorite mods. If you can help please contact any Project Admin on Discord!

    Ban Wipe:
    We are looking into the possibility of unbanning every banned user, to let them have a 2nd chance, they may or may not agree that their ban was justified but we think everybody should be allowed to try our new update, we will catch any repeat offenders.

    Youtube Videos:
    We're looking to time our release with a bunch of videos regarding our client, if you are a YouTuber and produce quality content or you know a YouTuber who you think would be open to working with us, please get in contract with a Project Admin on Discord, we'd love to give you access to our custom maps and weapons so you can have unique videos ready to upload on our release, its a win for you and a win for us. In return we will grant you VIP access which will ensure early access to future content.

    VIP and Donators:
    VIP's and Testers, don't think we forgot about you, our update will need heavy testing outside of the Plutonium staff team, we will be approaching you all when we need to film footage or test the client, your donation to us will be rewarded and we are incredibly thankful for your support! VIP's will be able to access our custom content up to 14 days before the actual release, this includes any weapons and maps after our first releases, for example, Skidrow. For more info about VIP please check here:

  • Glad to see lots of new features and fixes coming to the client!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Any word on bots?

  • Project Admin

    @dominicdaniels8 It is very low down on our priority list, we'd like to see some full servers before putting in the time to create AI.

  • VIP

    Great work and keep it up guys <3

  • @dominicdaniels8 use iw5mvm from lucky for now, it has bots

  • @galahx said in Plutonium Roadmap Progress:

    @dominicdaniels8 use iw5mvm from lucky for now, it has bots

    How do you load up iw5mvm with pluto?

  • @galahx its already in the game, just load up theater mode

  • Regional Moderator

    @galahx Sadly, you can't do as much with the one in Pluto. I still use iw5mvm separate from Pluto client. Mostly to load configs with film tweaks to make stuff look nice here and there.

  • @galahx how can install it. Couse it said thats needs the original game from steam. I dont have it.

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  • in the future, do you guys plan to add some maps from original mw, the same one that were lately added to mw2 (such as overgrown, vacant, strike, etc.)?

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    @ubica_bez_lica said in Plutonium Roadmap Progress:

    in the future, do you guys plan to add some maps from original mw, the same one that were lately added to mw2 (such as overgrown, vacant, strike, etc.)?

    Of course they already working on some maps ( custom maps too )
    Btw You are asking so much here in forum which we already done about those ideas, please if you have question you can ask staff's or me as I'm Bosnian :) ( DM in discord if you want to know answers)

  • Project Moderator

    @ubica_bez_lica Take a look at #gallery on our Discord.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @xerxes said in Plutonium Roadmap Progress:

    @ubica_bez_lica Take a look at #gallery on our Discord.

    i'm on my way, thank you ;)

  • Are you guys still planning on adding bots? MW 3 is still my favorite COD up to date and is in between the transition where acitivision/infinity ward was adding bots (Blank ops1 got bots and MW 3 was released after it, without bots). Now the community is pretty much almost dead in MW 3 and the COD community moves on when a new COD is released. This would really be nice, considering that you guys have the capabilities and modding tools that other people don't have. There are RSE bots for other older COD games, such as MW 1 and 2 and blackops 1 and 2, but not for MW 3 because there was/is no modding capabilities for it.

    If you guys do not want to continue with a bot project, can you at least, maybe, give the modding capabilities to the RSE team?

    Also, if you continue, allow for offline level up against the bots. I really like the progression in these games and i don't care if i get banned from actual online MW 3 servers, because they are basically already dead. I don't like getting the weapons from the start, which is why i don't like the bot modes in black ops 1 + 2, a problem that RSE fixes.

    Sorry for the long request, but i don't know where else to turn. I really want to play the game again and there are no players, so playing against bots are my only option.

    If you guys aren't going to continue with bots, at least send me a reply to inform me so that i am not left in the dark.


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