g_gametype dvar!

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    g_gametype dvar for Server; and rcon command

    g_gametype dvar for server and rcon command to change dsr or gametype of server.

    Since other Previous games from COD had this feature, but MW3 is missing it; but there is a reason that it's missing in mw3, because of the gametype management of Modern Warfare 3 and that it is handled by dsr. But if this is implemented somehow, you will be able to change mode or gametype through some external administration systems like b3, which is possible in other games that previously came from Infinity ward

    This can be possible, if the server make a temporary dspl and rotate map, when this command is used. This way, the dspl file will only contain only 1 mode and map to rotate to, so by that this command is possible and g_gametype will be possible.

    If this is made possible, Need for any Script will be eliminated and Server Administrations scripts like b3 would be able to control whole server and the added feature of being able to change mode as well. This will be huge for People who wanna use b3 in their servers.

    Once this is done, they can simple use something like this to change mode.

     def cmd_mode(self, data, client, cmd=None):
        if not data:
          client.message('^7Missing data, try sab')
          return False
          input = data.split(' ',1)
          if input[0] == 'sab' :
              self.console.say('^2Gamtype set to^1 Sabotage')
              self.console.write('g_gametype "sab"')
              return True 
          client.message('^7Invalid data, type sab behind your command')          
        return True

    Inself.console.write('g_gametype "sab"') there can come dsr name instead of "sab".

  • Project Admin

    g_gametype has other purposes and therefore its a bad idea to replace it with the DSR name.

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    something like g_gametype would be good, but that was just a example, you can make any other dvar for managing and running new dsr

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    idk if there is any exist dvar in mw3 by name g_gametype

  • Project Developer

    g_gametype is an existing DVAR as Prometheus implied. A DSR can be loaded using the Lua scripting API. Creating an external DVAR from the game engine would complicate the way DSR's are loaded natively.