Question Before I Continue This Download

  • Hello I am new here and to this so I am unsure if this is even possible but what I want to do is load a mod menu ONLY FOR CUSTOM GAMES NOT ONLINE just so I can start a series on my YT called "Exploring outside MW3 maps" so what I would do is put god mode on and no clip ( allows me to fly around ) and go outside the map and explore.

    Is it even possible to download ANY MW3 mod menu and use it?

    Like with IW4x (MW2) all I would do is create a "mod" folder and put the menu in it and load it from in game is that possible with this MW3 client?


  • Project Moderator

    @brian There is no need for a mod menu, Plutonium already has all features you need for that built in.

  • Right now it's impossible to edit GSC like you can with MW2 unless you use LUA thats supported by Plutonium IW5. Blame IW and SHG for taking away script compiling. Also mod menus suck. You have a console window. use it.

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    @fry He can literally add custom menus and add a menu that adds everything he needs to the normal game UI. But yeah, using the console is much faster.

  • How do I use the built in stuff then? Like no clip / god mode for the stuff I said above.

    EDIT: NVM figured it out. Thanks